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"You run?..For fun?"
Why 23 More Years of Nike-USATF is Bad for Our Sport →


It was announced today that Nike and USATF have reached an agreement that extends Nike’s sponsorship of our sport’s governing body until the year 2040. For many of us fans, this is equivalent to a death sentence, an asphyxiation of the sport we love.

What’s weird is I was once a Nike girl.

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Me, during my run in 63 degree weather (via dirttrailsandsideponytales)

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It’s so hot, I’m dying.

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To run cross country you must be stubborn. You cannot bring yourself down. You can’t let the miles phase you. You have to wake up and tell yourself to work harder than you did the day before. You have to make the conscious decision that you value accomplishment over comfort. Anyone can be a runner, but it takes a strong willed person who is willing to run the race on pure guts and 100% heart to be a cross country runner.
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