Run Forest Run

"You run?..For fun?"
I love running year round. →



I live for the 4:30 a.m. runs before school, where I feel like I’m the only person in the world as I’m running mile after mile just watching the sunrise. Or the late night runs in the winter where all you hear is the crunching of snow and your breath, and all you feel is the flakes hitting your…

wow I want to get back to this feeling


You have a burning hatred for the volunteers who push you through the line after you cross the finish 

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My 8th grade self (via runyourlittleheartout)

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This goes to all the runners:
Since we don’t get much credit. It goes to the ones who live
to cross the finish line& when they compete you won’t forget
it. It goes to the ones who fight through the pain &don’t mind
when people tell you that you’re insane. It’s for the ones who
trade in heels for spikes, dresses for running tanks,& soda for
water. It goes to the ones who don’t mind training,even if the
weather’s hotter. This one’s for the runners who’d rather go on
a run than hang out at a mall. This one’s for the runners who’d
trade in Teen Vogue for Runner’s World. These words are for
all my runner girls.
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